WFInfo gives you info on each reward

Current version 8.2.4

Either as an overlay

Or as a window


Configuring WFInfo so that it works correctly

Choose between the rewards showing up as an overlay on top of Warframe or as a separate window on a second screen

Choose your preferred hotkey to activate WFInfo's reward detection.
Custom scaling factors are supported too! Set the scaling to what you use in game to get best results

Debug allows the developers to better troubleshoot when you have problems, please do not use unless asked
With auto you no longer have to use the activation key! It will scan Warframe every second to see if the rewards are up.


  • Does this inject anything into Warframe? / Can this get me banned?
    No, and no.
    [DE] Aidan has confirmed it Here.
  • Will this work with multiple monitors?
  • Why am I getting incorrect prices or the wrong number of popups?
    It's possible that the text recognition failed make sure you've set the scaling correctly, if the issue persists please contact us on discord
  • Is this safe to use?
    This software is Open-Source so if you're concerned you can have a look at the code.

WFInfo change log

What was added in the latest releases?


Relics and equipment expanded controls, filter relics and rewards to your hearts content

New auto detection, allowing WFINFO to display in non-endless missions even faster than before


WFInfo has a new overlay mode, now transparent and showing how popular an item is!

WFinfo has switched to a different style of collecting data, now getting bi-hourly updates on prices. This allows faster updating to incorrect prices without having to release an update


WFInfo now supports the new UI

274 Ms

Boasting the fastest times ever for WFinfo


WFInfo now supports windowed mode

Improved logging of screenshots allowing us to get down right to the detail on what goes wrong


A fix for 21:9 aspect ratios has been released

Improved logging of what happens, making it easier to debug


A new display type for relics, a separate window

The birth of this site!